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Buy Tickets

June Jam has partnered with TheTicketingCo to serve all participants' ticketing needs. You can secure your tickets by visiting

Ticket Transfers

Secure ticket transfers are available through TheTicketingCo. If you're ever unsure about someone trying to sell you a ticket, please feel free to reach out at any time by sending an email to

Festival Passes

Your ticket is valid for all three (3) days of the festival at Playa Ponderosa. Gates will be open from 10 AM - Midnight on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

General Information


June Jam is an off-grid event held on 75 acres of curated private property in beautiful Flagstaff, AZ. Despite our semi-remote location, our production team (and ahhhhmazing build crew!) offer a wide range of amenities for June Jam festival participants:

- Water & Handwashing Stations
- Outdoor Showers
- Bikeable Roads for Easy Travel Between Environments
- Lounge Areas & Interactive Art
- Daily Porto Service (sooo important!)
- Grass Car Camping
- Medical & Harm Reduction Teams
- Lounge Areas and Interactive Art
- Hammock Villages
- Educational Workshops
- Yoga & Movement Classes
- Food Vendors with Vegetarian, Vegan, and Gluten-Free Options
- Merch Vendors
- DJ's Doing DJ Things

Health & Safety

MedStar Solutions is expected to be on site throughout June Jam 2024 to help anyone with medical needs at any time. Please come to the medical area for help or reach out to the safety team.

MedStar wants to remind everyone that it is very important to drink plenty or WATER, to stay hydrated. This is a long activity so this is your number 1 way to keep going and enjoy the event.

If you need medical help call the MedStar Event line at (480) 269-4126. MedStar will also try to monitor GMRS channel 20 for those off roading and camping types. Please stay safe and enjoy the weekend.

The health and safety of our participants is our #1, numero uno, top of the list, absolute first priority. To that end, we have an ambulance staffed with emergency medical personnel onsite 24/7 as well a The Good Eggs harm reduction crew to make sure everyone is safe, hydrated, and has a safe space to decompress if/when they need to.

Please be courteous to event staff and crew - we're all here to make sure that you have a fun, memorable, and above all safe festival experience. If at any time during the event you see something that you feel is unsafe or someone that needs help, please let someone with a radio know - that's what we're there for!

Leave No Trace

Our community is extremely fortunate to have a space as magical as Playa Ponderosa to host our event. Out of respect for that privilege and for ancient land on which it sits, we ask that everyone at June Jam do their part to practice Leave No Trace camping principles onsite. That means no littering, no glass bottles of any kind (please pour any liquor into plastic bottles before getting in your car), and respecting the land. This also means that no unsanctioned fires of any kind are allowed on the premises. Weather permitting, we'll have many fire pits burning all night to congregate around and share stories - all fires are required to be attended by festival staff with a fire extinguisher and in property-owned and maintained fire pits. This is for everyone's safety and to preserve the integrity of the land. We hope to be hosting y'all for June Jam for many years to come, and we all need to do our part to keep Playa Ponderosa beautiful.

Survival Guide

Do Bring
Warm Clothing
Bicycles with Lights
Shade for Your Campsite
Headlamps and Flashlights
Flow Toys, Hoops, Frisbees, Whoopie Cushions
Cash for Food Vendors & Ice
Garbage Bags for Campsite Trash & Recycling
Water, Snacks, Food, Drinks
Eye Mask & Ear Plugs (Great for Afternoon Naps!)
Smokers: A Pocket Receptable for Your Cigarette Butts
Reusable Cups
Ice, Ice, Baby
Extra Batteries

Do Not Bring
No Glass Bottles
No Illegal Substances
No Animals (including ESA's - you will be asked to leave)
No Weapons

No Pets Policy

June Jam has a strict no pet rule that will be enforced. Service animals, who are trained to handle loud environments and are required for disability, are allowed with prior registration. No emotional support animals are allowed. If you have a service animal, please email to inquire about registering your documented service animal. Please keep in mind that it is a crime to fraudulently claim that your pet is a legitimate service animal and prior authorization will be required for the admittance of any legitimate service animal. We have unfortunately had to send people home due to violation of this policy and no refunds will be given in instances of non-compliance with our no pet policy.

Age Requirements

June Jam is 21+ Event.

ID's will be checked at the gate for all patrons entering the property.

Volunteer Program

June Jam 2024 volunteer applications can be found on our APP page.

Location & Directions

Playa Ponderosa

June Jam is held at Playa Ponderosa, a 75-acre private property in the Munds Park area of Coconino National Forest just south of Flagstaff, AZ.

Due to the undertain nature of forest service roads in the area, it is imperative that all participants use the provided directions to make their way to the property and NOT use GPS navigation to make their way to the property. We post very detailed, easy-to-follow directions with signage on the roads to make it very easy for folks to join us - any deviations from that route typically end up in flat tires or lost campers. You'll probably be able to hear the sound while you're lost though.

Seriously, we implore you to follow our posted directions and ignore that new-fangled GPS. It lies in the woods.


Address: 4535 Forest Service 9410 Road Flagstaff, AZ

1. Take the I-17N towards Flagstaff

2. Take Exit 331 for Kelly Canyon Road*

3. Turn Right (Forest Service Road 700H)

4. Continue approx 1.8 miles to a T intersection - Turn Right

5. Continue approx. 8.4 miles - Turn Left (Forest Service Road 133)

6.Continue 3.5 miles - Turn Right Into Our Driveway